Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You Know You're a Parent When....

So, i have to admit....i am a fan of all the Jeff Foxworthy "you might be a redneck" stuff!! (i love Bill Engvall) that actually inspired me and gave me a great idea for a coffee table type book just for parents, this is what i am thinking....a easy flip through comedy book titled "You know you're a parent when..." Here is a sneak peek of some ideas so far....enjoy!!! (and let me know what you think!)


  1. you can listen and sing to the whole wiggles cd while driving and then realize your child is not even in the car
  2. You consider going to the bathroom “quite alone time” and you look forward to it.
  3. You know more of what’s going on in Dora and Diego’s social life then of your own husband’s.
  4. You would be the one willing to put the noose around Barney’s neck.
  5. You consider sleep a luxury
  6. If you get a shower 2 days in row, you consider yourself spoiled
  7. Getting dressed up means wearing a pair of jeans that actually fit and a shirt that is clean with no dirt, spit up or food stains on it
  8. You own a curling iron, hair straightener or blow dryer; you just never have time to use it.
  9. Starbucks in no longer a luxury, but a necessity…and also your best friend.
  10. The only way you know of a new celebrity is if they make an appearance on Sesame street
  11. You have the entire playhouse Disney and Nick Jr. lineup memorized, but you couldn’t tell me when Days of our Lives in on.
  12. Your favorite 4 word phrase is “Mommy I love you” and your favorite 3 word phrase is “Nite, Nite mommy!”
  13. You call your own parents nightly and apologize for anything you did to them growing up.
  14. You no longer subscribe to Vouge or Elle magazine…just Parenting and Family Fun
  15. You can’t remember what it was like to have just one purse with you instead of a purse, diaper bag, change of clothes, etc...
  16. Sleeping in….those 2 words no longer exist in the same sentence.
  17. You know who lives in a pineapple under the sea
  18. The thought of staying out until 2am just makes you tired.
  19. You’ll start a children’s movie and realize half way in that your child is nowhere in sight, but you’re still watching.
  20. Nap time isn't just for the kids!


Taylor said...

Okay Cindy, that was funny!! You're on to something. Annalee

Rae said...

Hmmm, definitely can't relate, haha.
But I'm glad to see you're quoting LC and we do have SOME things still in common! Haha!
Love you Cindy loo!!!

Nichole said...

thanks for the laugh cindy. Oh so true...