Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last days of First Grade

The last 2 days of first grade were pretty much play days! on wednesday the kids all had a "field day" meaning they play outdoor games. it was a lot of fun for everyone!

then after to cool them down, we had ice cream sundaes! Ty got in on the action too...little blue cake cone monster

and on the last day of school they spent most of their time doing their favorite activites and signing year books. we got some phone numbers so hopefully we will be able to get together over the summer...otherwise Blaine is sure going to miss his buddies! i can't believe it, but i now have a SECOND grader!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Class Field Trip

School is almost all the first graders at Blaine's school got to go on a field trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific!! i was planning on going, but since i would have to find a babysitter for Ty (no extra kids allowed) and there were 18 parents already planning on helping, i decided to sit this one out. Luckily for me, Blaine was paired up with his good friend Isabella (only 2 kids per parent! nice) and her mom was so sweet and sent me up to date pictures throughout the day so i didn't have to miss a thing! Thanks again Katie! you are so sweet!they got to touch sting rays, jellyfish and starfish
Two cute little fishies!apparently those two were pretty inseparable and made great buddies! they are so cute!

Pumpkins...Week 1 (and a half)


and we are very excited about it!so these pictures are actually from 1.5 weeks. since there was nothing there after just one week. we were starting to get a little nervous because EVERYONE else on the street had sprouts coming up but us! go figure....we started this and we were going to end up with nothing. But then one neighbor said "all we are doing is watering it,"...and that's when i realized, WE FORGOT TO WATER OURS! oops, minor detail. we watered ours and the next day our little guys popped out! i'm really exited now to see how these will grow. we have gotten lots of feedback on how viney and our of control pumpkins can get...but for now we are just happy to have sprouts!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I got an idea from May's issue of Family Fun Magazine to have a neighborhood pumpkin growing contest!! it seems like lately there have been a lot of new families moving in on our street and a lot of kids, so i thought this would be fun to do. i got most of the families on is what we did:

1. we passed out a baggy of seeds to each housewith instructions on the back of what to do ie: plant in the front yard, plant in full sun, water...2. We gave a starting date, so that the growing would be head starts! but you are allowed to use any type of potting soil, fertilizer, or "homemade remedies" you want.3. Blaine and me planting and watering our seeds...each baggy had 6 seeds, so we split ours up to try and grow two - one for Blaine and one for Ty (Blaine's idea)
the "contest" will go until mid October, then we will all pick our pumpkins and have a big Block Party! there will be all kind of prizes for the pumpkins because everyone is a winner of course! "Biggest Pumpkin", "Orangest Pumpkin", "Oddest Shaped Pumpkin?!". the details for that party are still being worked out, but it will sure be fun! we will keep our blog updated on our pumpkin growing adventures, and hey....if anyone knows any good growing secrets, send them our way because ROBINSONS ALWAYS WIN!!! i mean, we are good sports....but there is some fierce competition on this street! :) we are excited! HAPPY GROWING

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back to School

i really can't believe it is already the end of the school year! (although some of you are already out of school!) This year really has flown by! it has been so neat to watch Blainey grow this year. it really shows in his writing and schol work. He loves school and learning, reading and writing. He has discovered the "Captain Underpants" book and cant stop reading them. He is already on book 5 in just 2 short weeks. He has also taken an interest in writing books. He wrote his first book "The Great Man" and is currently working on the sequel..."The Great Man CONTINUED!" What a cutie boy. i am so proud of him! some of Blaine's workBlaine with Mrs. RomanWe are so Proud of you!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Many Faces of Ty

this post is pretty much just an excuse to post random pictures of my adorable little guy!! i'm sorry, but i just think i have the cutest little boy...BOYS!! but i'm a little bias. this kid keeps me smiling all the time!happy traveler...on our way to ArizonaTy went to the zoo for the first time in AZ and LOVED the animals!thirsty?!you gotta love morning hair

ready to roll...on our morning walk!

PIANO MAN..."who me?""look what i can do mommy!" ty figured out how to crawl up on the coffee table! oh dear. what a cutie silly boy

poor Pooh

poor pooh bear....i ran over him with my car!! i gotta say, it was pretty funny watching pooh's head roll down the drive way! my friend Andrea was laughing so hard, she said this was definately blog worthy! haha

Fire Pit Fun

For mother's day i got one of the funnest gifts...a FIRE PIT! we have always wanted one and Jake finally got it! we have already used it several times. it is so fun to sit outside and watch the fire and listen to it crackle...not to mention roasting marshmallows! this is going to be such a fun summer sitting out as a family enjoying the nights together! thanks honey!
the boys watching daddy get it ready!i love my boys! thanks for a great mother's day!