Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Well i have so start by saying happy anniversary to jake and me! We celebrated 5 fabulous years of marriage on thursday june 21st...and how did we celebrate you might ask...well on thursday jake had a 3 hour test and i had a dance class, so romantic. so we celebrated on friday. we went to the atomic ballroom in irvine and took beginning swing dance lessons which was so much fun, but then you had to pay extra to stay and dance, so we went bowling. we met up with a girl that i met through dance classes and her husband, and they were a total blast. (it was our first date with them!) can you believe it has been 5 whole years...niether can we. crazy huh!!

the rest of this week has just been crazy. we stared monday going to legoland with my sister diana and her kids. blaine is tall enough to ride all the "big kid" rides so that made it more fun for me!! but his poor cousin who is just 4 days younger then him was just an inch too short, so that was a bummer. i will post pictures from our trip there once i get some back. tuesday Diana and her kids came over and played all day which was fun. wednesday we went and saw surfs up which was SOOO cute. i loved it, and so did blaine. we will totally own that one once it comes out. thursday we took a day off...kind of. we did actually meet up with jake for lunch so we kind of saw each other on our anniversary. friday i already wrote about (dancing and bowling) and then saturday to finish the week off right, we went to DISNEYLAND. we got our passes renewed...thank goodness. (it had been 7 months and i was going through total withdrawls.) a friend of jake's came down to visit, so we all went. again blaine was tall enough for everything, so it was way more fun. we only went on "big kid" rides with the exception of buzz lightyear and monsters inc, because what kind of parents would be be if we didn't take him on his favorites?! but blaine is hard core...we took him on thunder mountain, soaring over california, pirates of the carribean and he loved them. we didn't go on nemo for those of you wondering how the new ride is. the wait was 3 hours and that is just ridiculous, so we don't have a report on that! sorry!

you would think with all this excitment we would take it easy this week, but no way. we've got to go to disneyland by tuesday because then we are blocked out for the rest of the summer, and we are dying to use our wild rivers passes that we just got, and we are leaving for idaho on thursday, so we will be keeping on our toes untill then, and once we get to idaho maybe we can catch our breath! well this has been a long blog with no pictures, so next time i will be sure to add more picts. until then...

Sunday, June 17, 2007


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! When i was putting together Jake's Father's Day present, i found so many cute pictures of the 2 of them, that i couldn't just keep them to myself. I wanted to post them and share. Jake is such a good daddy! He takes such good care of Blaine and me. I want to be too mooshie-gooshie...but we love our daddy! Happy Father's Day to all the other Daddies out there. Be spoiled and love it! My favorite is when all the little primary kids sing "i'm so glad when daddy comes home" in church. i can't wait until blaine learns that one. He is really good at singing "i am a child of God", "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" and the wheels on the bus" not to mention a few others too. well, try and stay has been so hot here lately. Be happy all day and "love life" as Larry Anthon always says!! until next time....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blaine's Observations

We love Aunt Jaime!! so yesterday, blaine and i were driving to Vons and there was a keebler elf coookie truck outside the store. blaine pointed and said, "look mommy and mack" (he calls all big trucks mack after mack in the Cars movie) any way i said "yep your're right, a mack" then he said "and look, it's the cookie man," pointing at the keebler elf. this caught me off gaurd because i didn't know he knew who the keebler elf was so i asked "how did you know that is the cookie man?" and he simply said "because he is happy!" sorry i just thought that was too cute. but i guess i would be happy too if i were "the cookie man!" just thought i would share a simple blaine observation. kids are so fun!! :) until next time....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday already

So you know when you feel like time is moving a million miles a minute...that is totally how i feel. it has just been a whirl wind. anyway, we wanted to post a couple cute things. For those of you who don't know, Jake is back in school getting his MBA and he just finished his first semester with straight A's...more like total top of his class. He is just taking an online class right now so it's nice to have him around a little more. I (cindy) just picked up my 6th class at 24hour fitness, so i am keeping very busy and i will start my dance studio from the garage in 2 weeks, so all my free time is preparing for that. needless to say dance in consuming my life, but i wouldn't have it anyother way. little blainey is getting very use to all the music and dancing and has quite a few moves of his own. they are pretty sweet! This is Blaine's last week of speech for the school year, so we are going to miss our school and teacher over the summer. He now knows all his letters and letter sounds thanks to leap frog letter factory (which i highly recommend) if you can get passed the annoying ABC song they sing, it is totally worth it. He learned in all in 2 weeks! Blaine also just finished soccer with his 2 buddies (pictures posted) so as events are winding down with him, they seem to be picking up everywhere else. We can't wait for it to warm up just a little bit more so we can hit the beach, but until then....catch ya later!

Friday, June 8, 2007

a couple cute picts!!

All smiles!!
Play time can just wipe a kid out!!
The cutest Peter Pan I've ever seen!! :) Happy Halloween

Getting Started

Well that was easy to set up!!! I am so excited to be a "blogger" now. thanks to rae who showed me how. i don't have time to write now, but i look forward to keeping updating...and who knows, maybe there's someone out there who wants to know what were up too. until then....