Friday, July 22, 2011

Ty Baby

i am still coping with the fact that Ty is already a year old! time has really gone so fast with him. we are having so much fun and he is getting even funner now!STATS: height: 30 inches -50th percentile
weight: 17.5lbs - below the charts...still our little peanut

the doctors are actually concerned with his weight, so we are having some tests run! poor guy yesterday had 4 shots (immunizations), blood drawn (in his arm like a grown up) and had to give a urine sample. the doc thinks he is probably just skinny, but wants to make sure everything is ok! other than that his development is great!

TY loves:

* big people FOOD

* whole milk


* the word "NO!" the only word he really knows

* balls -he throws them and chases them

* his swing

* walking especially with the pooh bear train from grandma ...not waking on his own yet! phew!

* lights and light sabers

life is pretty sweet as a 1 year old! i just wish time would slow down a little!

typical Ty just chillin at the dinner table! doesn't he look comfy?!

Blaine + Harry Potter + Legos...

Lately Blaine has been very into Harry Potter! I think it all started when his buddy Andin was talking about the movies and asking Blaine if he had seen them. That night Blaine asked to watch the first Harry Potter and he has been hooked on them since! he loves them! we are going to start reading the books!

here is Blaine and his friend Andin at LegoLand with none other than Harry Potter!we only have one actual Harry Potter Lego set, but that hasn't stopped Blaine from making his own Harry Potter world! i love when he is creative and comes up with his own creations

DUMBELDORE...with a hat Blaine madeHermione, Harry Potter and Ron fighting the "troll" in the girls bathroomDumbeldore's chambers with a bookshelf, desk, globe and the red bird in a cagei love my creative boy....Ron is my favorite, especially his orange hair!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Ty

ahhhhhhhh! Ty turned 1 on did this happen so fast!!! this year has just flown by. but Ty has been such a joy to our family! we sure love having him around! w had such a fun day celebrating....unfortunately both boys have been kind of under the weather, so we pretty much just stayed home and partied here!

Ty LOVES water and splashing, so of course we spent time in the splash pool!
one of Ty's presents from us was a swing we can hang in our backyard...needless to say, he LOVES to swingmy sister Diana and her family just happened to be in town, so they came over with grandma and grandpa for a little BBQ
Ty got this super cute winney the pooh train and LOVES it. my mom got it since i ran over his last winney the pooh toy! haha ... anyway, he can ride on it, or push it and there are all kinds of buttons and lights and sounds! what more could a boy want?Ty's PARTY...since we haven't partied enough, we had one last party for him on saturday...a "friend" party. it was a blast...Ty has so many friends that love him!the backyard set up for more splashing fun!There was a "no splash zone" for babies to hang out and play. this little boy's birthday is just 2 days after Ty's (so the day of ty's party)...they were born in the same hospital and they were actually in our same recovery room, so we were able to visit! Blaine was in charge of the snowcone stand
the kids still likes cake!we had a slip and slide in front for the "big kids"Ty with Aunt Rachel and his friend Henryand cute Libby came by too! thanks everyone for celebrating with us!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy fourth of July

We spent the fourth of July in Idaho and had a total blast...

we started the morning off with the Rexburg parade Jake and his mommy watching everything go by

Jake's favorite part...the bag pipes. Blaine's favorite part was Darth Vader...i don't know what Starwars has to do with the 4th of July, kind of random, but whatever!

after the parade, we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house...we played outside in the pool and tossed water balloons!then later that night, we put on our own fireworks show...the kids LOVE sitting in the back of grandpa's truck to watch the fireworks are the kids sitting in the back of grandpa's truck wathing fireworks in 2007!everyone doing sparklers...and uncl T.Jay doing a little special dance for us! hehe

IDAHO visit

so, this will be my SUPER CATCH up post!! this summer already seems to be flying by! we spend the last week in IDAHO and had soooo much fun! the time went by too fast. it was great seeing so much family! here's a re-cap of what we did!

SPLaSH PaRK: (and carousel)

Rexburg has this super cool new splash park that is GREAT for the summer time. my kids LOVED it. it's a great way to stay cool and best of all, it's FREE!! Blaine ended up going twice in the time we were there!
Ty absolutely LOVES water and splashing!
Blaine with Uncle Nate going down one of the water slides! ...and Ty going down the water slide with Uncle Nate


the main reason why we went to Idaho was for our new niece's blessing....Hadley Mae. she is such a cutie and so tiny! we loved being able to see all our "Robinson" cousins!
Cute family of 5Blaine with his cousins Ryker and Paige

PaRTy TiMe:

we were also celebrating some pretty important birthdays....Ty turning 1, Uncle Nate turning 30, and Grandpa turning the big 6-0!!

Ty loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Idaho Ty's hair is getting so long in the back..i love this picture of him just pulling his hair. Jake has been making me wait until he turned 1 before i could cut it or trim it...but now it's starting to curl and it's kind of cute!Ty REALLY enjoyed his cake! Pinata....Blaine actually smashed it down! CaMP ouT:

as a surprise that night...Grandma and Grandpa had a campout in the backyard for the much fun!