Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adventures in home owning #2

well we are getting to learn a lot pretty fast!  we have already had some interesting things happen in this house...we knew the disposal was broken, so we replaced that before moving in.  but when the dishwasher flooded and our kitchen was soaked....we figured something else was going on.   

after doing some research, we realized it was mostly our error....opps!  when replacing the disposal, we forgot to take a stopper out the the new tube, causing it to back up and flood.  lesson learned!  now we have it fixed and all it running well.  just a couple stressful days, but all is well now!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

we are HOME OWNERS!!!!

 it's official...we are HOME OWNERS!!!! wow we feel so grown up!  we had being looking for awhile to BUY a house and finally found the perfect place.  this is our first time buying a house, so it's kind of a big deal!!  and go figure, it was everything i thought i didn't want.  haha.  it's a one story, 3 bedroom home still in the same neighborhood and ward from before.  but so far we are LOVING it and love being able to call it OUR OWN HOUSE!!!!
 there was a lot of prep work to do before we even moved in.  the house was painted funky colors and the previous owner put down really bad fake wood flooring.  so we decided to re carpet and re paint the whole house before moving in.  this worked out nice since we got our keys on a monday we had all week to get ready to move in the following saturday.
 i really wanted to paint the whole house white with a nice grey accent on a couple walls.  we carpeted the 3 bedrooms and the den which really made it fell like a whole new house!!  i was so grateful for everyone who came to help...we spent a whole day painting with a bunch of my friends...and then jake and i worked a couple more days finishing up. man....i never want to see another paint brush again!  my parents were able to come out and really helped a ton...when they weren't watching the boys, we put them to work!!!  
 then moving day finally came!! Ty was so excited to play in the "big truck"
 and of course no move would be complete without a picture of moving the baby grand!  hopefully it will stay put for awhile!
we feel so blessed to live in this cute little house....we really are starting to feel like grown ups...weird!  and we are so grateful to live in a nice community, close to family and friends. i think we are really going to like it here.  we still have lots of work to do on the house and lots of projects i want to do...so i will try to be better at keeping this blog updated on our progress!