Monday, November 4, 2013

Mind, Body, Spirit Health Challenge... i decided to participate in a 6 week "Health Challenge" with a group of friends and it started yesterday.  it focuses not only on eating/exercising type health, but also your mind and spirit.  i really liked this idea, plus the pay out for the winner is a nice incentive too!  (we all put $10 in the pot and there are 18 of us...$180!!!!)  anyway, this whole challenge is on a point system, so we get points every day for things we do, for example: working out, eating fruits and veggies, drinking water....but we also get points for reading scriptures, daily prayer and writing in our journal.  i've decided that blogging will be my journaling and i will take this opportunity to catch up on my blog.  there will be a LOT of back dating, so posts may not show up if you follow in google reader, but they will be there.  i'm super behind, so this will help me get caught up...and i also want to get my blog organized into books to print off by year, and that is a HUGE project.  so wish me luck and enjoy catching up on that last several months of the Robinsons happenings!

Friday, November 1, 2013


we are so blessed to live so close to so many cousins!  and it is always better when grandma comes to visit!  we love our awesome, wonderful, crazy FAMILY!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

we love this time of year and dressing up in costumes!  Blaine decided to be Ash (a pokemon trainer) from pokemon...he had fun helping me put together his costume.  he even designed and painted his hat.  
 i have this purple wig that i just wanted to wear, so i was a pop, diva, something girl.
 and Blaine's cousin joey was Pikachu which was perfect (since Pikachu is Ash's pokemon) the kids had fun hanging out together
 the kids also had their annual costume parade at school!

 and Halloween Night was so much fun.  for the last month, Ty had been so excited to be Peter Pan for Halloween, but he had a last minute change of heart, and went as Woody.  this kid loves to dress up, so everyday is like Halloween to him anyway!


 Jake decided to have a "little" fire pit on the drive way and pass out candy....well, things got a little out of hand when he threw an entire PALLET on the fire.  the flames were HUGE....we could see it from across the neighborhood!  NO JOKE!  this picture does not do justice...but he manages to get things back under control.  it sure makes for a memorable Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Monday Night before halloween is designated family night pumpkin carving!! 
 Ty actually picked out all the pumpkins...and he did a great job on his pumpkin.  i love the tongue action!

 ty wanted to carve a silly face

 and blaine wanted to carve a ninja turtle
so here they all are light up on turtle, mustache man, goofy and silly face!

Friday, October 25, 2013

DaTe NiGHT....

 ...with this kid!  Blaine and i had a mommy/son date night and it was a blast!  we went shopping for his costume, and then ended up going out for dinner.  we split a yummy dinner, to make sure we had room for DESSERT!!!!!

this is what 9 year old heaven looks like!!!!
...and the after math, or what we like to call "chocolate coma!"  he didn't even finish half of that bad boy...but took it home and finished it with Ty the next day!  thanks for a fun night kido!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pirates and Princess Playgroup!

we have the funnest group of kids for playgroup and one day we decided to have a dress up day!  all the kids were invited to wear either a pirate or princess costime. and they were so cute!  we had so much fun

 Ty and Sydney!  so cute together
 here are all the kidos...we made "sky scopes" to help us find treasure!

they did a great job following the map and finding the treasure!  cute kids!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


we are so blessed to live so close to so many cousins!  and it's even better when GRANDMA comes out to visit us all!  we love grandma!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shopping and the Burches

no trip to Cali is complete without a little shopping and hangin with our besties!
 of course a little retail therapy at Nordy's

 and hangin with my BFF!! not to mention we got a sweet baton show!  thanks for that Paige!  you still got it

 these kids will be friends for LIFE!
 showin some leg and Paige's awesome pants.  they are even studded so watch out!
the hardest part is always saying good bye!  we hate that we live so far away now...but love every minute we get to play and visit with ya!  we miss you guys already!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

my brother is the coolest!

my brother is so awesome and just a big kid...which i love cause i married a big kid too!  my brother Rich made wooden SWORDS for the whole family!  it started off as just for Blaine and Ty, but then Jake wanted one too!

 nice rich photo bomb!

Rich also made a sword for himself so he could play too...of course.  and he burned in Chinese or Japanese symbols for everyone's names.  pretty cool!  for now they have to be "decorative" because ty thinks it's an actual ninja sword and was chasing everyone around with it.  maybe he can play with it when he's older!  thanks brother!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

DiSNeyLaND 2013

on Thursday, Grandma surprised us and took me and the kids to disneyland!! she is earning the nickname "disneyland grandma"! Jake still had to work that day, so he couldn't come, but he went to an angels game that night with my brother and his BFF "big Blaine" so he was happy about that!  
 even though it was the hottest day of the YEAR, we still had a blast!  we thought we were escaping the heat of AZ, but california was hotter than us the whole week.
 the first ride as always was buzz light year!

 and actual picture WITH grandma!  the boys just love her!!
 and then we saw a true celeb!! WOODY!!!
 ty's favorite ride was by far Small World.  he ended up going on it 4 or 5 times.  (grandma took him over and over while Blaine and i snuck away to space mountain!)
 there was a super cool iron man display inside which was nice to escape the heat AND see a super hero!
 ty tagged along with his brother the whole time!  so cute boys

 and the both CRASHED on the way home!  we did a great job of wearing them out!
it was such a great and fun day with grandma!  thanks for always super spoiling my boys and being so fun!  the boys loved DISNEYLAND!!