Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter Mania

So is it just me, or is Harry Potter everywhere?! I guess i am part to blame...i totally buy into all the hype. we saw the movie opening weekend and got the book the morning it came out (not like the midnight crazies...we woke up at normal time and picked it up at the store). anyway, jake and i are actually reading the far so good, but we're not done yet. jake got ant-sy and was up til 2am last night reading, so i am on my own now!

anyway, blaine has also discovered harry potter. we let him watch the first 2 movies...just the beginning before it gets too scary and he loves them. note: the picture is of him and his cousins at legoland with lego-harry. SO HERE IS MY CUTE STORY: we were watching thefirst harry potter and blaine turned to us and asked "where is harry's mom and dad" i was a little blunt and just said they died, but jake being more subtle said "they had an accident" after jake's comment you could tell the wheels in blaine's were turning, and then very concerned and sincere, blaine asked "poop or potty?" of course i started busting up laughing, but good old jake just looked at didn't get it. so i had to explain to him that he said harry potter's parents had an "accident" and in our house accidents mean poop or potty in pants! so fun how kids minds work. blaine is totally at the "AGE OF MANY QUESTIONS!"

tonight drving home from my parents house blaine made another classic observation. he pointed out the moon and said "look there's luna" (for all of you without kids, luna in a moon on a disney tv show...bear in the big blue house) i was excited that he made that connection, but then dissapointed he asked "but where is luna's mouth?" i can tell it will only get harder trying to explain the difference between pretend and reality! so much fun to come i can tell!

Friday, July 27, 2007


little buddy boys!
The whole crew
my true knight and shinning armor! style!
so, what little boy wouldn't love to grow up and have his job be to build legos....can you believe that grown men get to do this for a living. (but i guess that's true to say for sports too...grow up getting paid for what you love to do...playing a game) we had a total blast at lego land. what a fun concept. we always have a blast with our sister's kids. i can believe that i have a child that if tall enough to ride the "big kid" rides. 42 inches man! but his poor cousin...just 4 days younger but 1 inch shorter. he was not allowed on the the big rides. talk about seperation issues. just wanted to post a few fun pics...such a great day! :)

Monday, July 16, 2007


Jaime K is home!!! she was let out of the hospital on friday and drove home with my mom on saturday. We spent all day yesterday (sunday) with her and she looks great. she was so happy to take a shower, shave her legs, straighten her hair...all the little everyday things we take for granted! hopefully she can get in to see a doctor today, but until then she is just taking it easy. she still gets pretty weak and needs lots of rest. but she is definately on the way to recovery! i think being home will helps alot too! thanks for all your prayers and support so far! we are still keeping her in our prayers that she will continue to recover quickly! happy day!!! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Poor Little Jaime-Loo

So, for those of you who have heard, Jaime (my little sis)is in the hospital in Idaho Falls, ID. Here is kind of a "quick" run down of what is going on...she went to the hospital last thursday because she was having really sharp pains in her side and the pain had lasted for a couple days, so she figured she should go get it checked out. she checked in at rexburg memorial and they transported her to idaho falls ICU right away. at first all the doctors thought was wrong was she had a kidney stone...which by it's self sucks, but that wasn't the only problem. she also had developed infections in her kidneys and other large organs which was causing her vidal sign to pretty much go haywire! The doctors were also detecting toxins in her blood stream which is quite deadly! so at this point we were all pretty scared. the good news is after a more recent blood tests, they could no longer detect any toxins!! talk about the power of prayer! the doctors were able to remove the kidney stone and there are no more....but then we were left wondering why she still isn't getting better. she can't eat, sleep, or even breath on her own. Leave it to good old Kim Gardner (who just happened to be in Idaho) to do some investigating. she found out something that the doctors weren't telling us. we all thought that Jaime still had a good functioning kidney, but her other kidney had died probably years ago because it was all dried up. so now we were worring even more because now we know she only has one kidney and that is the one that is failing on her. here we are almost a week later and we still don't know why she is not getting better. all the doctors do is run test on her everyday. the most recent thing the doctors are testing for is to see if she has any immune disfunctions like arthritus or lupis. needless to say she is still one sick little girl and all your prayers are much needed! if she stablizes for a straight 48 hours we will be able to bring her home this weekend and she will then go straight to CHOC hospital...but that would kind of be a miracle!! so until she is stable....she will be in idaho falls.

thank you so much already for all your love and support. our family has had a really rough year this year medically, but this has been our most critical so far. Jaime is still in the ICU and in need of all your prayers. we love her so much and just want her to come home! Thanks again!

Once i hear some good news, i will be more then happy to report it. so until then.....

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Idaho Trip!

crusin' in grandma's hot ride!

We went to Mott's Berry Farm...for real, that is the name! Cute little family farm/petting zoo!

Little goat getting too close..we like animals from a distance!

Blaine and me infront of the little ponies! so cute!

Fun Aunt Kayla! and cousin Paige!

Here are a couple fun pictures from our Idaho trip. We drove up the 28th and stopped in Utah to see a good friend get married on the 29th. Then we drove the last 3 hours to rexy-burg and had way too much fun. there was so much to do in so little time. can't wait to go back. it's a double header because jake's family in there and my little brother and sister are there, so we get to have family all around. we love visiting and can't believe we are already back to real life. we would have stayed longer, but i had to teach a 8:30am class this morning (which was not very cool since we got home at 1 in the morning) and jake has a final for his summer online class, so he had to go up to fullerton tonight. too bad it was such a short trip. the worst thing of it all is my best friend (Rachel) is actually in rexburg right now...we missed each other by like 6 hours. maybe one of these days we will be in the same state and actaully at THE SAME TIME!!! here's "hoping!"


Well, Happy late forth of July. i feel like it has been forever since i have blogged...maybe becasue it has been. anyway, we have been in idaho the last week and i learned an important leason...just because fireworks are legal in idaho, doesn't mean that they should be legal to me! we had a blast lighting fireworks at grandma and grandpa idaho's house, but i ended up burning my hand. but we still had a great day. actually we did our private show on the 3rd because jake, baline and i were driving home on the 4th. it was a best day to travel, there was no one on the road. we drove through vagas at about 8:30pm, so there were a few fireworks here and there and blaine loved it...ok i loved it too. hope all is well. i have a lot of catching up to do on here, but i can't do it all in one sitting! love you all and until next time...(for those of you wondering, the little girl is one of blaine's cousins on jake's side. she is a total doll!)