Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Another Day at the Robinsons

Blaine and i hit up some of the "After Halloween Sales" and found these awesome sumo costumes....we have WAY too much fun!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Jake had a very fun project a couple months ago...he wanted to make Blaine a stand that he could sell stuff at ie."lemonade stand". Jake also had another reason why he wanted to make the stand....he wanted BLAINE to have something as a memory that his DAD made (meaning something Jake made)...and not only memories of things GRANDPA CALIFORNIA makes. My dad has helped build lots of things around here...shelves, mirrors...A PIRATE SHIP!!! anyway, Jake made a pretty cool stand..."OUT OF SCRAP WOOD" (he wanted me to add) And now it has kind of become a saturday tradition to go out and sell stuff. since it has been so H-O-T here, Blaine has been selling otter pops and snow cones and business it doing pretty well. We think as it gets colder, we will have to think of something else to sell. well, here are some cute pictures of my little sales man out at work today:

Blaine will yell across the street to people walking by "Hey...wanna buy an snow cone"....i have to admit it's pretty cute, that probably why people end up buying something. Blaine just has a way with people. and it's always nice when the neighbors come out to support him...I mean, his prices are MUCH better then the ice cream man!

of course when business is slow, Blaine keeps himself occupied by playing Legos outside with Dad. he wouldn't want to miss a customer....SO COME ON DOWN AND GET YOUR SNOW CONES HERE

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

it was the year of STAR WARS on our street! Blaine had a blast treat or treating with the neighbor kids...

Happy Halloween...love the Robinsons