Tuesday, March 29, 2011


over the weekend we traveled up to Utah for my Grandpa Clark's funeral (..there will be an additional post about that later) We had a fun time given the circumstances. We got to see the whole family, and Jake's family even drove down to spend some time with us. it was really great to see everyone and be together. here are a couple fun pictures!

for starters we had to find some WINTER clothes since we are sunny cali kids. luckily Blaine had a buddy he could borrow a coat from and since Blaine was born in snow, we had a few things in storage that Ty could wear my favorite!! sweet snow suit...
both boys did so great on the drive up! it was about 22 hours of driving in a 3 day period! here is a rare photo...MY WHOLE FAMILY !!! just my immediate family with us kids, dad AND MOM!!! this almost never happens!Blaine and Jakey of course
we went to the mall and rode the carousel, Ty's first timeit was so great...Jake's parents drove down to Salt Lake to see the boys. they even stayed in the same hotel, so we got to play lots while we were there!grandpa Idaho can never resist tickling Blaine and making him laugh!one of the coolest things about staying in a hotel is...jumping on the bed!
and of course on our last day there...here is what we woke up too...Blaine had been waiting for it to snow for ONE reason...so he could have a SNOWBALL FIGHT!
Ty has never been in "real" cold before! bundle up baby! brrrr

Friday, March 18, 2011


on St. Patrick's Day we also went to Sea World with our cousins who were visiting from AZ. it was so much fun! we had a great time!i don't usually dress the boys matching...but it was st. patty's and i didn't realize they were both in green stripes! but they were cute!


i was looking at these pictures and it made me laugh....here is Ty at Sea World 2011 (8 months old)Blaine at Sea World 2004 (7 months old)here is Ty with cousin Nate who just turned 1....here is Blaine with his cousin Aubrey when she had just turned 1! crazy huh?Now look at these two!! how cute are they!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

hope everyone had a great st. patrick's day! ours was GREAT! every year, of course, we make a leprechaun trap but we have never been able to catch that tricky fellow! THIS year, the kids in Blaine class could make traps and bring them in...so Blaine got hard to work designing the perfect trap!the trap was inviting the leprechaun to a party, but the top was just covered in tissue paper so he would fall in when he ran across!Blaine's teacher set the trap all over the class and that tricky leprechaun set off every single one! he used scissors to get out of Blaine's trap. and NOT JUST THAT, the leprechaun messed up the whole room and left little messages for the kids. it was a blast even though we didn't catch him...there's always next year!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Family Home Evening

this year we have set a goal to be better at FHE (family home evening) and i have to admit that we are doing pretty well. it helps that Blaine LOVES FHE and doesn't let us forget to do it. a couple weeks ago, we had a really great night. when we were walking to school, Blaine was asking our neighbor if they have FHE...here is a little of their conversation: (i will just use"N" for the little boy's name)

"Hey N, do you guys have FHE?"
-"What's that?"
"you know, Family Home Evening!"
-"No, what is it"
"Well you have a scripture, a prayer, a lesson, and activity and a treat."
-"that's sounds pretty cool"
"yeah, we switch jobs each week, this time i have activity. we have going to build houses"
-"that sounds like fun"...

well, after listening to this i had to invite their family over. Thanks to Blainey our little missionary we had their family over and it was GREAT! we taught the lesson about the wise man and the foolish man...and they even knew the song! so we sang the song WITH ACTIONS, and then we build little houses. it was such a great night! thanks Blaine for being such an example to me!
these pictures are just from another FHE...i was in charge of treat and we had homemade PIZOOKIE! that's always a good night!

Monday, March 7, 2011

8 months

Ty is 8 months old TODAY! where has the time gone?!

HOORRRAYY, for super Ty

our little peanut is now sitting up on his own and trying to eat anything and everything. he has become a good little eater. we have to guard our food. we are getting close to crawling and it is only going to be a matter of time before he is into everything!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

workin boys

the boys were working hard last saturday to get our place lookin nice!

first the boys raked leaves...
...then Jake taught Blaine how to mow the lawn (with supervision of course!) it was so cute watching him push that lawn mower all over. and especially to watch him "charge" or, get a running start on the bumpy parts of the lawn! what a great helper boy! it's crazy to think that there are some places that can't even see their lawns...they are covered in snow. LLLLliiiiikkkkkeee...idaho! hehe :)

Happy Valentine's Day

what do you do when Valentine's day is only 2 days after you just moved?!

Inn-N-Out to the rescue! we had a little "romantic picnic" on the kitchen floor! pay no attention to the boxes in the back!
you can tell Ty enjoyed his meal just by looking at his bib!
jake got me this barbie doll that i LOVE! it was my favorite doll as a little girl and they started reselling old "classic" dolls!