Thursday, November 20, 2008


Blaine had his Thanksgiving Feast at preschool this week and it was so cute...of course! they sang a couple songs and then all the kids sat down to enjoy a turkey feast! there was an actual real turkey but then everything else was more snacky. Blaine really loved the turkey and can't wait to eat more next week! i love my little indian boy!

Grandpa Idaho was in town for business and snuck over to see Blaine!
Daddy was able to come too...or should i said "Chief Indian Dad!"
Our little Thankful Family...
All the kids had to go around the table and tell us what they were thankful for...Blaine said that he was thankful for his family! AWWWW..we felt so loved. the kids also drew pictures of the thing they were thankful for and so blaine drew a picture of our family, although there were 4 people in the picture. when we asked him who the extra person was, he said "it's baby aaron...he's part of our family now!" Blaine loves baby aaron, and so he has become an honorary member of the robinson family...hope that's ok with his mom and dad! :)

THe BoYS....

So, i can home from my dance class Monday night, and this is what i found! TWO SLEEPING BOYS!! awww so cute! the fun thing is, it was only 9:00!!!

And the other monrning Blaine was getting some "tummy time" with aaron! the two of them just looked so cute together!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SHe'S HeRe!!!

BoRN: TueSDaY NoVeMBeR 11th, 2008 at 9:02am
WeiGHT: 8lbs 6ozs
HeiGHT: 19 1/2 inches

Both Carrie and Kaylie are doing well! Kaylie was having some respiratory problems when she was born, so she is still be monitored...but she is doing very well now! Carrie said everything went nice and smoothly..only a 6 hour labor!!!! no fair! Congrats!!

WeLCoMe BaBY KaYLie!!

PRouD PaPPa!...

eXCiTeD CouSiN....
I have a thing for little baby toes! we will keep you updated on the new little family! We are so excited and happy for them!


CARRIE IS IN THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW HAVING HER BABY!!!!!! i will of course post pictures once she gets here! early CONGRATS!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Sparing Boy!

So now that Blaine is a green belt, (well, actually he is a purple belt now...a post on that will be coming) he has started SPARING!!! we ordered all the gear and last thursday was actually his first day! so of course i was there taking pictures and videos the whole time of my BABY fighting!!! don't worry, it's all safe and pretty mellow!

Blaine loves sparing now...but the only thing he did say was "it's hard to sit will all the stuff on!" they have to wear: helmet, chest gaurd, elbow/forearm guards, shin/foot gurads and yes...a CUP!!!!

Blaine is so cute and i am so proud of all his hard work. we will work on sparing so he can kick butt!...but this was his first time, so...not bad!

Blaine and his morning cup of JOE~

...even 4 year olds need a pick me up every now and then! don't worry, it's just hot chocolate! he just looked so cute drinking it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

just a quick catch up....

So....we have a new president, and i'm not too sure how i feel about that. BUT i am VERY EXCITED that prop 8 passed!!!!! after all our hard work knocking doors, making calls, hanging door hangers, holding signs, posting signs, bumper stickers, re-posting the STOLEN signs and millions of dollars...PROP 8 PASSED and marriage has been preserved and restored! (for now) Anyway, so last night i was flipping through channels watching the election updates and then i looked over on the couch and saw this.....

apparently Blaine was ready for the elections to be over too! He was my good helper with all our prop8 volunteer work...Blaine worked hard too and was wiped out!

Now, i know i already posted a bunch of Halloween stuff...but none of that was "actual" halloween night, so here are some pictures of that! little hero!

We had our friends the Wallets come over for dinner (jake's homemade chili...yumm) and then go trick or treating with us. I love Devon's costume...a little chicken! she was so cute!

The funniest thing was that the kids had more fun answering the door and giving out candy, then actually getting their own candy. the door bell would ring and they would both race to the door yelling "customer customer!!"
we gave most of blaine's candy away...yes we are one of "THOSE" parents. but he still made out with a lot of good stuff!