Saturday, September 29, 2007


Blaine is getting so big!!
Blaine and Becca
My little girl...getting all grown up!
Jake and me...
the real Jake and me!!

i can't believe my little niece is old enough to be baptized. she is the first of my nieces and it just blows my mind. we were so lucky to be able to attend. Jake, Blaine and i drove to new mexico with my parents. we drove up saturday, went to church and the baptism sunday and then drove home monday. talk about a quick trip. we drove for 30+ hours and were actually in new mexico for about 30 hours, but it was all worth it! love you Becca!! congrats again!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Who Would have Thought

So, Blaine wanted to watch Little Mermaid tonight...which i thought was great...but the FUNNIEST/SADDEST thing happened. you know the end where the evil sea witch grabs ariel off the wedding boat and takes her back in the water, and then king triton comes...yadda yaddda yadda....well, blaine is watching this and all of a sudden i hear him from the other room yell "NO, NO!" i come into the room and he is literally in tears, crying at the evil sea witch to leave them alone. i had to come over and hold him and tell him it would be alright. i tried to make it not so serious, but i was so happy once the movie ended because then blaine wiped away his tears and said "they are happy now?!"

i knew i had a sensative boy...but i think this tops it. i think we will stick to pixar movies for awhile. no bad guys, no love drama....i can haddle that. who would have thought that Little Mermaid would bring out so many emotions in a little boy! i love him!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


so it's official....we own the BOOGIE BOARDER BLAINE DOLL!!!! he came out in stores right after blaine was born and i have wanted one ever since. i kind of collect barbies..i guess i just never out grew them (they are so pretty) so we ordered BB Blaine online and he came today in the mail. it was really hard for me because i wanted to keep him in the box to keep him new, but Blaine was really excited to play with "his doll" Blaine says "but mom, it's me!" so we opened him and Blaine has been playing with all the little parts, putting on sun block, giving him's like his little buddy. anyway, the doll is super cute and i love it, just like my blaine!!! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Blaine with daddy!
blaine with mommy in our super hot seats!!
the boys and eatting their peanuts! yumm!!
the game sure wore us out!! (asleep before we got out of the parking lot!)

saturday was a total blast! we went to the angels game! it was to much fun minus the fact that it was about 100 degress outside, i guess that's what we get for going to a game at 1:00 in the afternoon in AUGUST!!! we got to our seats and they were so hot from being in the sun we couldn't even sit in them, so we moved up to the very top of the stadium to sit in the shade. it was better....not great, but better. we still sweated it out! but it is just so much fun to be there. we made it until the bottom of the 7th and we were just dying so we had to leave early. the angels were down by 4 and it wasn't looking good. (they played the rangers incase anyone cares!!) blaine loves the games. he has a new love for peanuts, and not only just peeling them open, he eats them now too. he thinks it is so cool that you can just drop the shells on the floor and not have to pick them up! we learned our leason and so the next game we go to will be in the if we go on a friday night. they have fireworks, which is blaine's favorite part! i wish it would start cooling down. we sure had a late summer this year, but i guess we will just have to live it up at the pool and beach as long as we can!
the night before (friday) we went bowling and that was too fun. a blog is coming soon. i have to get the pictures from my mom. it was our last night out with uncle BOB who left us to go back to washington where he will be working for microsoft again. good luck bob! we miss you already! until next time....