Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blaine's Secret Agent Spy Party

SO this years theme for Blaine's Birthday party was "SECRET AGENT SPIES!!"...and we sure had a lot of fun. i toned it down from my usual crazy, 20 kids party to just 8 of Blaine's closest buddies for this adventure. It all started when each kid arrived....they received their "Agent Badge" with their picture, finger print, their agent name and 5 spots for them to earn their agent stars during training...

i had some of my greatest accomplices at hand: pictured here, Agent Luscious Dynamite, and Agent Stella keeping it oh so fashionable!
once all the kids arrived, they were given their special instructions by Secret Agent Max. The kids all had to complete 5 different tasks in training before they could become REAL AGENTS
the First training: LOGIC TRAINING (puzzles)Second training: MASTER OF DISGUISEafter this training, everyone received their "honorary mustache!"Third training: BALANCEFourth training: WEAPONStrying to shot down one of our own agentsand Fifth training: AN OBSTACLE COURSE that combined all of their trainings togetherthey had to capture the flag, crawl through a their way trough the laser ropes.....
and shot down the enemyin the end, they were able to find the cake that had been STOLEN and we were able to finish our party in style with lunch, cake and of course PRESENTS!thanks again to all who came and all who helped! it was a great day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SECRET AGENT BLASTER...aka Blaine

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Brithday Blaine

Well i can't believe it, but i now have a 6 year old! CRAZY!!!! he is growing up so fast and getting so big....but what a great kiddo he is turning out to be! For his "family birthday" we decided to have a ROCK STAR PARTY!!! so we all dressed up like rock stars, ate pizza, drank IBC rootbeer and played Band Hero's like real stars! thanks to my family who are such great sports and put up with all of our craziness! we sure had a great time!
me and my ROCK STAR boys!...yes jake is wearing "guy liner!" hahamy ROCK STAR mom, dad and little sis Jaime....or should i say Hannah?Blaine got LEGO ROCK BAND for his Birthday....he's been asking for it for months....he's a sucker for legos, and good commercials!


Happy Birthday to our little ROCK STAR! love you Blaine!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

the best present EVER!

so we kind of got an early surprise christmas gift this year.....

A BABY GRAND PIANO!!!!....AND we got it for FREE! it's kind of a long story, but it was a friend of a friends who was moving and needed it we took it! it is soooo beautiful and we love it!

BUT WAIT...that's not all..... we got another even BETTER gift (if you can image!)

notice the BOW around the BELLY?!?! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....YEP!!! we are having a BABY!!! we are CRAZY EXCITED and can hardly wait until the summer when it will be making it's arrival! the top picture you can see it pretty's a side view and you can see it's hands and feet and legs. so far so good! i have been working very closely with my Dr. who is amazing and i am about 3 months along. our little peanut is DUE: JULY 23rd! and another great surprise is my oldest sister DIANA is expecting at the same time as well....AGAIN! so we will have little baby cousins close in age again just like Blaine and Jakey! Hopefully all will go well this time and we will have a cute little baby to welcome into our family soon! :) yea!

Friday, January 1, 2010


can you believe it's 2010?!
we hope you all had a happy and safe new year! here's to a new decade and a great year!
we had a fun, but relatively quiet night. i was actually really sick and spent all of New Years Eve in bed with a bad cold, but that night Rich and Rach came over to help us count down to the new year!

we played video games to help stay awakeBlainey was DETERMINED to make it 'til midnight....but at 5 minutes to, he almost konked out! we had to keep tickling him. notice the clock above his close!but we all made it to 12!even i posed for the my fabulous pink robe! Happy New Years to everyone, hope this will be a great one!