Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! we started the week off a little rough...both the boys were really sick, but i was glad we got that out of the way so we could have a great christmas DAY!

i think we decorated sugar cookies like a hundred times this chirstmas!! i made A LOT and frozen them, so we just kept pulling them out of the freezer. we played with the Burches on Christmas eve and the kids made cookies for SantaCassidy, Paige and Kameryn
the Big boys (Jake and Blaine) were down stairs playing double dribble on the WiiCass and Ty are getting so big already!
after that, we headed down to legoland to see it all decorated for christmasthey have a cool giant tree upand at night they even had fake snow! Blaine LOVED IT!when we got home, we have a tradition that you get to open 1 present christmas eve...and new pair of jammies!then we set out our cookies and it was off to bedCHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!!

happy boys!Ty got a little piano and LOVES it (it was actually Blaine's when he was a baby..shhhhh, don't tell!)Blaine already hard at work on some new legosnow off to Grandmas for more fun!we had the biggest, yummiest breakfast which included T.bone steak, eggs on toast, coffee cake, bacon, hash browns, OJ

Ty of course just liked chewing on the wrapping paperthanks grandma california for the fun new toy!and i got the Michael Jackson dance game for the Wii and it is AWESOME!! we played all night!

Day After Christmas: Blaine got this super cute suit from Grandma and Grandpa Idaho...looking sharp kido!

i had to take a picture of the tree....Blaine put the ornaments on the tree this year, and i loved how he put them all right next to each other. i couldn't change it of course...it was too cute. he did a great job

Monday, December 20, 2010

what a week....

this past week has been PACKED with holiday fun. it feels like we have been going non stop!

we went to go see Santa! Blaine was sure to tell him what he wanted this year (a lego pirate ship) and that he has been a good boy all year
and ty got to meet Santa for the first time
our youth put on a live nativity for the community. Jake led the choir, blaine was his helper, i was an assistant director and Ty was baby Jesus
the little girls that i have been teaching put on a little dance recital for their parents! sooo cute!
not all the girls are pictured here. (missing 2) i made all of their skirts too. thanks to my friend Paige who helped me and stayed up late cutting them all!
Blaine had his holiday party at school. making crafts, watching polar express and decorating cookies.
Ty in his little front carrier pouch...i feel like a kangaroo
blaine had his fourth annual craft party...always a blast (pictures below)
jake's brother and family came over to visit. they have been down at disneyland this weekend in the pouring rain. but sunday they came over for dinner and fun....and to stay dry!!

decorating cookies...yummmm
little ryker kept licking the knife uncle t.jay
and we still even found some fun time to play!!
blaine showing ty a game on the touch
ty loves his toes
and he loves taking pictures with his tongue sticking out! cute boy

craft party

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kaylie Singing

my sister Carrie posted the CUTEST THING EVER on her blog!!!! it is a video of her daughter Kaylie (my niece) singing Frosty the Snowman. There is also another video of her singing a couple of songs, but Frosty is still my favorite. Kaylie just turned 2, and she is so stinkin adorable. Check it out....Click here!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

tis' the season

it's that time of year again...when everything gets busy and crazy, and i LOVE IT! we kicked off the first December weekend with loads of fun. Blaine had been begging us since thanksgiving to put up the tree, so it was finally time. he was such a great help....putting the tree together. notice the tongue...his concentrating pretty hard. it's tough work!dad untangling the lights...while Blaine dances to christmas music in the back round and Blaine following Jake around the tree with the lightsTy and i helped by staying out of the way. we still have to finish putting the ornaments up, so that's why there isn't a "final product" picture.the next day was the annual neighborhood christmas tree lighting. the kids make crafts and decorate the tree.

Ty had a good time too...he found the cookies!...YUMMMMMM.....