Thursday, August 30, 2007


ok....this is totally random, but, last night someone asked me "if you were a super hero, what super power would you have?!" needless to say, no one had ever asked me that before, so i was kind of caught off guard....and then i really thought about it. i could just blurt out an answer. but i think my final conclusion is i could turn "invisible" how cool would that be, you could just dissapear when ever you need too! that would be cool. so the same question goes out to all of you..."if you were a super hero, what super power would YOU have....."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You Know You're a Parent When....

So, i have to admit....i am a fan of all the Jeff Foxworthy "you might be a redneck" stuff!! (i love Bill Engvall) that actually inspired me and gave me a great idea for a coffee table type book just for parents, this is what i am thinking....a easy flip through comedy book titled "You know you're a parent when..." Here is a sneak peek of some ideas so far....enjoy!!! (and let me know what you think!)


  1. you can listen and sing to the whole wiggles cd while driving and then realize your child is not even in the car
  2. You consider going to the bathroom “quite alone time” and you look forward to it.
  3. You know more of what’s going on in Dora and Diego’s social life then of your own husband’s.
  4. You would be the one willing to put the noose around Barney’s neck.
  5. You consider sleep a luxury
  6. If you get a shower 2 days in row, you consider yourself spoiled
  7. Getting dressed up means wearing a pair of jeans that actually fit and a shirt that is clean with no dirt, spit up or food stains on it
  8. You own a curling iron, hair straightener or blow dryer; you just never have time to use it.
  9. Starbucks in no longer a luxury, but a necessity…and also your best friend.
  10. The only way you know of a new celebrity is if they make an appearance on Sesame street
  11. You have the entire playhouse Disney and Nick Jr. lineup memorized, but you couldn’t tell me when Days of our Lives in on.
  12. Your favorite 4 word phrase is “Mommy I love you” and your favorite 3 word phrase is “Nite, Nite mommy!”
  13. You call your own parents nightly and apologize for anything you did to them growing up.
  14. You no longer subscribe to Vouge or Elle magazine…just Parenting and Family Fun
  15. You can’t remember what it was like to have just one purse with you instead of a purse, diaper bag, change of clothes, etc...
  16. Sleeping in….those 2 words no longer exist in the same sentence.
  17. You know who lives in a pineapple under the sea
  18. The thought of staying out until 2am just makes you tired.
  19. You’ll start a children’s movie and realize half way in that your child is nowhere in sight, but you’re still watching.
  20. Nap time isn't just for the kids!

Monday, August 20, 2007


....and Jaime in this picture!!

CONGRATS to my little brother Rich and his FIANCE!!!!! Rachel....they just got engaged on friday. quick hitter info: her name is Rachel (duh) and she is from Wyoming. They meet up at BYU-I and that is where they plan on heading back to after marriage. as of now the wedding is planed for october, the 20th i think, but i'm not 100% sure on that. (i said it should be a costume reception and she should dress up as the corpse bride, but that was a no go! bummer) they are getting married in the san diego temple, awesome! it is so beautiful there....that is where jake and i got married! um.....can't really think of any thing else, so if you have questions just ask! they are super cute and it will be nice to add another girl to the family! she is so much fun and lovcs shopping so we already get along great there!! :) congrats and good luck to the happy couple! oh...he proposed at the beach at romantic. jake and i got there early to set the whole thing up and it worked out perfect, because she didn't even see us walking away, so my brother was totally able to surprise her! too cute!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Jake's Birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!...Blaine helping, he also picked out the Dora wrapping paper!
Who's birthday is it?...Blaine loves to help!
hint, hint hint.....
playing swords!..Blaine's shirt says "my dad is the man" we thought that was great!
Blaine actually picked out swords for Jake's birthday day. i asked blaine what we should get daddy and he was so excited to get swords so they can play together!! good choice!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!! His big day was on wednesday the 15th! we had a great day! Jake is getting so old!! :) Blaine and i went up to his office for lunch...a co-worker made awesome guacamole. Then when he came home we went out for an early dinner to Olive Garden, which was super good! After we came home and opened's not pictured, but we got him some tools and even a circular saw! The magazines are just to help show him what to do with them now! Later we had cake and icecream with a few friends which was a total blast! what a great day! two great days in one week, let keep that going!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


so, this might be cheesy, but i had the best day yesterday...a "blog worthy" day if you will! it all started with going to my chiropractor and he really helped me with my whiplash. i felt so good after seeing him! if anyone needs a recommendation, let me know! then i went over to saddleback hospital and visited my friend Christy, who just had a beautiful baby (Mia). Blaine loves babies and just wanted to stare at her and be near her! When Mia started getting fussy, Blaine sang to her and it made her smile! Then after that, i picked up my sister and my brother's girlfriend and we all went to the beach! it was such a perfect day there! we walked down to the tide pools and since it was low tide (i think) we could see everything so clearly. There were tons of crabs, star fish, fish, snails, coral and sea urchins. it was so fun to see all the tide pool life. there was even a "tide pool educator" there and told us lots of fun facts...although i think he was just trying to hit on my sister and my brother's girlfriend. after a couple hours we went back to my house and watch a couple episodes of friends...always fun!! we had yummy pizza for dinner...and then i went to dance class and had a blast! i then came home to read my friend Rachel's blog and it was so cute. We have now been best friend's for 14 years, and she blogged all about it...which of course just made me smile! i am grateful for good days!!! i love my friends and living in beautiful california...ok, now i am being way cheesy, but hey, that's how i feel today! Hope you all had great days too!

JAIME UPDATE...for those of you who have been following my little sister Jaime's progress, here is the latest: she actually went into surgery today again and hopefully this will be the last one! she had one more kidney stone that needed to be "blasted" and broken up so it can now pass through her painlessly! she also had the stint was a little tube that was draining everything from her kidney straight out of her body! my mom said the doctor had a smile on his face after the surgery and is very happy with the results. he will keep a close eye on her to make sure everything heals right, but she was able to leave the hospital same day which it super awesome! she is really weak and uneasy today, but hopefully she can now start the healing process! Please keep her in your prayers that all will continue to go well! she is a fighter with a smile on her face! love you J!! if i hear anything new, i will be sure to update!! :)

Friday, August 10, 2007


of course the boys favorite thing to do at the lake was to throw rocks in the water!!
nice throw!!
Blaine and Sara on the tube!
Giving thumbs up!
Just hanging out in the tube having a good time!!

more pictures...

in the "kids cabin" Blaine and his cousins had so much fun sharing bunk beds!
Blaine and his cousin Jake!! just 4 days apart! best pals! :)
hanging out at the dock...waitinf for the boat!
Aunt Jaime and Jared..those two got so sun burned...poor kids...we kept Blaine loaded with sun block!
Blaine's new best friend!! my aunt Blaine's great-aunt wendy...he clung to her the whole trip...maybe because she made hot chocolate in the morning!! :)

we had so much fun at Lake Nacameinto!! it was too bad that Jake could not be there, but we made the best of it...Blaine loves his first experience there! We played on the beach and hung out with our family! Blaine loved playing on the beach, floating in tubes and was the offical "water boy!" he would always ask everyone if they needed water and loved filling up from the water cooler! so fun. Cindy ripped it up on the knee board setting a new record of 20 360's in a dizzy! i must be getting old because i didn't realize how much upper body strength that takes. and i tried wakeboarding for the first time. it was fun, but kind of boarding, because i don't know how to do any tricks yet, but i'll learn! needless to say i am sore beyond all soreness. i can't look over my right shoulder because i got such bad whiplash wiping out on the wakeboard once...but is is so worth it! we had a total blast and can't wait for next year!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


this is so fun info about jake and me!! (cindy in purple, jake in blue)

Jobs I've had:1-hip hop teacher (home and 24 hour fitness) Window Washer

2-"office girl" for Doc Anthon scout camp
3-Ayres hotel picture framer
4-MELALEUCA baby! dido

Movies I'd watch over and over:1-clueless Mask of Zorro
2-romie and michelles high school reunion(edited of course) illusionist
3-italian job same-it deserves more credit
4-emperor's new groove first movie I saw after my mission (love it)

Places I've lived:1-laguna niguel, ca portugal
2-portola hills, ca yup
3- rexburg, id (lyman) born and raised (rexburg, that is)

Favorite TV shows:1-FRIENDS!! (always and forever) Wings
2-so you think you can dance 24!
3-MONK (right now) dido
4- E! news! according to Jim

Favorite Foods: 1-anything mexican food anything italian food
2-red vines twizzlers
3- bj pizza doesn't matter where the pizza's from
4-french toast waffles

places I'd rather be:1-in bed snoozing
2-in dance studio golf course
3- beach camping
4-romantic a get away how can I resist?

Sunday, August 5, 2007


real quick picture with me and the LA delicacy! so yummy! makes you hungry! :)

A day in LA!!!

So my oldest sister and i decided to go to "THE EDGE" dance studio on friday in LA. we are both pretty confident dancers and thought that this would be a "fun" thing to do. well, if you ever want a truly humbling experience...go to the edge. little did we know, the classes are pretty much for professionals, with no in between room. we truly had fun trying to catch on and stay with the class, but the moves just went too fast and we were left in the dust. after being home and processing everything, i get it now...but that doesn't help much. we also could over hear many of the dancers talking about the classes they teach and the gigs that they have, so obviously, they do this all for a full time living, which made us feel a little better.

so after we decided we had had enough public humiliation (which was not long) we decided LA is too fast pace for us and we might as well just go see some sights! a friend of mine had told me about this awesome cupcake may have heard of it...called SPRINKLES!!! so the money we would have spent on all day dance classes we spent on cupcakes instead...oh the irony! well, nether of us know LA well and did not know how to get to Rodeo dr, but we figured if we drove around, surely we would find it...LA isn't that big....big mistake. we ended up driving, who know where and called my brother asking for directions. TWO HOURS later we found this stupid place. and the line was out the door and up the street. as we waited in line all we could think was "these cupcakes better be good!" the day ended up being more for the memories and experience! the cupcakes were good....but i'm not sure if they are $4 good...yah, that is what people pay for these things. either way, i don't think i could have laughed any harder or had any more fun that day then i did! such a total blast. i love my sister for being such a good sport and humoring me the whole way and yes we did finally make it home in one piece. so was it all worth bet!!

so we are going to hit up OC dance classes extra hard and prepare for next summer when we will try to tackle LA again. just goes to show how much i love it right here in good old orange county! tomorrow (monday) we are leaving for the lake, so i will for sure update when i get back. i'm sure i will have plenty stories to tell. until then...