Saturday, April 25, 2009

the Wiener Mobile

The "Wiener Mobile" came to town. We were on our way to Walmart and parked outside was the Oscar Mayer Wiener we had to go check it out!

it was just out on display to look at and go inside!...and of course they gave every kid (and even Jake) and wienie whistle! totally random, but what a fun day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pool Fun

It has been so hot here already, that we had to pull out the pool and splash toys! Blaine loves it, but i was hoping for some "april showers!" at least it has starting cooling down a little...either way, we will be ready when summer officially starts!

even Aaron got to play...he loved the splash toys! so much fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Time again for ADVENTURE DAY!! although this week we are throwing a curve ball at ya...we went on TUESDAY! (i know we are wild and out of control!) but my sister had to leave town for a wedding, so we did it early! this time we decided to go to:
Rancho Santa Margarita Lake feed the ducks...
...and as you can tell, our group is expanding...anyone is welcome to join us on our "adventures!" Rachel and Calvin were there... Paige and Kameryn were there....
(please take a moment and notice what Paige brought to feed the ducks!..NICE!) ....and our cute little friend Devan came!...her mommy just had a baby! YEA!
and look at these cute little baby ducks! i just wanted to take one home with me! cute!
it was sooo hot last week, the kids decided to cool down by splashing a little in the fountain!
and the best way to end a hot day is with some icecream of course! so yummy! thanks for a fun day everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, another year has snuck up on me!! Thanks everyone who helped make my birthday so fun and special for me...especially my 2 boys who just spoiled my rotten all day! all started with me with me waking up to Johnny! i knew it would be a good day!my boys spoiled me with all kinds of fun toys! a cupcake holder, AND a Wii Fit! hmmmm, are they trying to say something?! i was super surprised by the Wii fit! i have been wanting one for awhile!
...then Jake took me to my FAVORITE restaurant Javier's and had some of our best friends meet us there! so fun! thanks everyone for coming!even little Kaylie found something yummy to eat!birthday flan! yummm.....
...not so much! i'm not a fan of flan!Thanks again everyone for your sweet birthday wishes and gifts! thanks everyone for being my friend and partying with me! you guys are the best!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


YEA!!! we actually made it to a second ADVENTURE DAY thursday!! This time we went somewhere completely different then last week. we went up the the
San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Newport Beach!
now, don't get your hopes up too high...the only real wildlife there, were the PLANTS!!! But we still had a great time. there are lots of different pathways to walk and explore. it is more like a swampy/marshland which was neat since you don't see many of those in southern california. and the other kind of interesting thing was how we would get totally lost in this beautiful plant life, and then all of a sudden we would see a plane taking off from the near by airport! and in some of the pictures if you look close enough, you can see the tall buildings of newport/costa mesa! it was a fun day, and sometimes it's just nice to escape the real world and go for a stroll in nature!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kindergarten ready....

so, my baby is ready for kindergarten!!! i'm pretty much in denile about the whole thing! but the poor guy had to get his shots this week. i thought i would just be ONE booster shot...NOPE!! he got FIVE SHOTS!!!!!! ouch! 2 immunizations (polio and mmr)..the "big one" booster, a TB test (came back negative!) and an iron finget poke test! needless to say he was ready to get out of there when we were done! BUT, our doctors are really great and we got to get golden spoon after, so he seems to be doing all right now!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


a couple years ago in the spring time, when my older brother was living down here, we would try and go some place new every Wednesday...this was usually a park or on a hike of some kind. anyway, it was always so much fun and it always made me so grateful to live in such a beautiful place! where else can you go to the beach in December?! of course life always seems to get busy and my brother moved back to Washington, so we haven't been getting out to new places very often....but that is going to stop. i am decided to start getting out to new places again. it will be re-instituted as:

(Thursdays now work better for me then Wednesdays)
and lucky for me i now have a sister who lives close by and she will be accompanying Blaine and me on our adventures! (and of course little Aaron!) so last Thursday we had a first adventure...nothing too "adventurous" but it was still awesome. we have to start slow and then we can get into the cool new places! (and anyone who lives down here by me is also welcome to join us on our day out!)
For our first adventure, we went to the beautiful Montage Hotel on PCH and they have some really nice pathways. the landscape and scenery is so beautiful...and Carrie had never been there before, so it was new to her. They also have really great tide pools down on the beach there, but we got down to the sand and decided NOT to drag the strollers through the sand and rocks! next time we will remember the front carriers so we can take them out! was still fun!~

i LOVE this picture of Aaron! i am so glad we are able to take him on our adventures...he loves being outside!And this was just a cute picture of Carrie and Kaylie. too bad Kaylie slept through most of our journey...but at least she woke up at the end to enjoy the view!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So...i know i have a big nose, but apparently it tastes good too! little Kaylie kept trying to suck on and bite off my nose! i love this girl too much to stop her! yummmmm...

look at that little innocent face....acting like nothing is wrong! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

School Easter Egg Hunt

Last week Blaine had a little Easter Party and Egg hunt at preschool! it is always to cute to see what Ms. Shirley does with the kids. they made little bunny ears and painted a pink nose and whiskers on the kids. they all sang a couple cute songs, and then had an egg hunt! good job kiddos!

Looking for eggs!
my bunny boy
since it was such a nice day, after the party we decided to go to the beach for lunch! i love living in California!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A hard day's work...

I have been wanting to make our front walk way more "welcome friendly" and since jake and i have decided that we will be staying in this house for another year (YEA!!!) i decided it was time to re-landscape! i REALLY wish we would have taken a before picture, but if you haven't been to my house before, just trust wasn't pretty! so here are some final pictures! we LOVE IT! and we were so super sore the next day, but it was totally worth it!this is the left side... ...the right side. the 3 gardenias that are not so green, my Webelos planted those last year. with some love and care, we will get them as green and pretty as the new one!
...the front cornera view of the whole walk way!
and i didn't want to forget my cute little hangy plant too!

Reason for Bella to hate us #158:

so poor Bella must hate us by now! our cute little girl had to get....

here she is in her little footie Blaine would say "ohhhh, she's so pa-fe-dic!" (pathetic) she is actually recovering really well and has not shown any aggression toward us...but she does HATE the vet...that's for sure! she was able to already get her bandages off and only a couple more days with the cone and then she will be back to normal...minus the claws. we finally decided to do the declaw because poor blaine was TERRIFIED of her. she would go out of her way to attack his cute little chicken legs. He would hide in the bathroom until Jake and I would come up and help him downstairs! so we did it for Blaine, and he seems to be more comfortable around her!

2 major surgeries in 2 months....yeah, she has a right to hate us! but we still love her!