Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toothless Jack continued...

i knew it wouldn't take long for Blaine to loose his other front tooth! the tooth fairy has been working over time over here!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Toothless Jack....or Blaine

Just call him TOOTHLESS JACK!! Blaine just lost his front tooth this week. we have been waiting awhile on this one, but it was stubborn and held on. now his other front tooth is only hanging on by a thread and i can tell it's coming out soon. it's pretty cute listening to him talk because he has a little whistle lisp right now....cutie boy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day is a holiday that usually gets over looked or even forgotten about....NOT IN THIS HOUSE! this is one of our favorite fun holidays. we start preparing the night before by making our Leprechaun "trapping device" (as Blaine calls it). Blaine spends lots of time planning out his trap, drawing plans and everything. This year it was an "Outdoor Indoor Trap." Blaine wanted our trap to look like outside, so he would want to go right in...the sign says "Come in if you want the Gold!" then Blaine lined the bottom of the box with really stick tape, so once the leprechaun stepped on it, he would be stuck!
St. Patrick's Day morning started with the perfect St. Patty's breakfast! Green eggs, green bagels (thanks to my friend Nicole) and of course lucky charms.then when Blaine was at school and mom was at school helping, that sneaky leprechaun came to our house!unfortunately the leprechaun out smarted us....and even played a trick of his own on us. he trapped some of Blaine's toys on the tape instead of letting himself get trapped!but it was all ok because he still left us some yummy treats! Blaine said next year we really have to make an even better trap and maybe we might even need the help of Grandpa California! haha!

But the frosting on the cake (literally) was making these super cute and fun rainbow cupcakes! they were very time consuming..but totally worth it!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guys Night Out

This last weekend my boys had their own "father and sons" camp out. Jake and Blaine went along with my brother Rich and my Dad. They had a great time just hanging out, telling stories and of course roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire. I sure was looking forward to a relaxing girls night....but turns out i ended up in bed all weekend with bronchitis (which i still have...no fun at all). but i'm glad the boys had a blast and got some good "boy bonding" time!...i think i just might have to join them next time!

my little cutie pie fell asleep by the fire!

Blaine LOVED grandpa's great big tent. it was a 2 room tent, so they could all sleep together! Blaine with Grandpa and Uncle Richmy camping boys!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Over Half Way There

For some reason people enjoy watching OTHER PEOPLE get bigger....so i decided i would add a quick picture of my progress. i am now 21 weeks....a little more than half way there! yippie! i took this picture right before heading out to my LAST DANCE CLASS! (tear) my doctor really wants me to try and "stay off my feet" and she threatened to put me on bed rest if i don't. so unfortunately i will not be making anymore appearances in dance class. this pregnancy sure has been a roller coaster (mostly emotionally), but i am grateful for everyday i feel my little guy kicking and moving around. he will probably come out dancing!