Friday, September 26, 2008


i am so exited because i get to go to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE concert tour TOMORROW with my sister Carrie!!!! don't be jealous...ok, you can be a little jealous. i can't wait! i will FOR SURE post pictures from the show, but here are a couple of the dances i am dying to see again! i'm so excited!!!!!

Katee and Josh-"No Air" this was my FAVORITE!!!Chelsie and Mark - "Bleeding Love" so good!

Katee and Twitch -"Mercy"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

12 days....4 books.....and 2,445 pages later.....

I FINISHED THE TWILIGHT SERIES!! (at midnight last night) and my verdict is:
I LOVE THEM! i am proud to say that i am


from the very beginning! and i'm so glad i waited until now to read them because there is no way i would have been able to wait between books! i needed them back to back. my favorites were book 1and 4! now all i have to wait for is the movie!

so what am i going to do now?? maybe i should get back to my regular life and maybe clean my house and pay attention to my husband and child! i am no longer a slave to these books! but i will probably read the "partial draft of midnight sun" on stephanie meyer's website...since it sounds like that book will now never been published! :(

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Lightsabers

Last night we had the Elders over and they taught us this cool to make it look like we are holding lightsabers just by holding a scripture marking pencil up to the camera! apparently it's a "MTC" thing the guys learn! pretty cool. check out our "fierce" pictures! oh yeah, i had to have the princess leia buns!

jake was getting WAY too into it...there are like 20 pictures of him on our camera!!
Elder Whiting was the one who taught us this...last night was actually his last night with us too. he is being transferred today! :( we have a soft spot for missionaries...i don't know what it is. maybe i just think that if i help take care of these boys now, then someday when blaine goes on a mission, other families will take care of him! oh, and E.W. (elder whiting) is holding the official Robinson departure gift which is the "huge costco bag o' m&m's"... good luck in your new area EW!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School...

New Outfit:.......$20
New Shoes:.....$15
Turtle Backpack:.......$10
Refusing to wear any of it........priceless! $$

Well, actually he was really excited for his first day back to pre-school! he loved it so much last year and is glad that he gets to go 3 times a week now. my boy is growing up!
Blaine and Mommy...i had to go into work that morning, so i had to have a friend bring him to school! :(
Blaine and buddies!

And then last Saturday Blaine graduated to a green belt! that means he is now an "intermediate" little dragon, and he starts sparing!!! doesn't he look so happy to be there!
Good job kiddo! We are so proud of you! here is a little clip of Blaine!

A new love affair...

...and maybe boarder line obsession! i know i am a little late getting started, but I LOVE TWILIGHT!! my friend finally talked me into reading them. she gave me the first book on friday and now i'm well into the 2nd! although so far i'm not liking the way book#2 is going, but i will hang in there. i have faith it will get better! I LOVE EDWARD!!! if you read this blog...please NO SPOILERS!!! i'll probably be done will all of them by next week anyway...i can't put them down....i can't stop!

Monday, September 1, 2008


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS ALREADY SEPTEMBER!!! where did this summer go? well, now it's time to get ready for back to school! blaine will be starting pre-k on wednesday!

so, blaine has a new house chore...and he actually likes it! he asks me all the time "mom, can i vacuum?" i help him with the corners, but other then that he does it by himself. what a good helper...could a ask for a better boy?

...and yes, he even wanted to do the stairs! SCORE!!!
and no summer would be complete with out our "End of Summer Angel's Game!" it was a pretty good game and usually blaine loves going, but this time he only made it until the 4th inning, then he started asking EVERY 10 MINUTES "can we go home now?" he was a tired boy.

...watching the game on the big screen. we were pretty high up so it was hard for him to see.

of course...cotton candy!
what a nice night. let's do it again next year! :) Hope everyone had an awesome summer! have a great school year. Jake is also back in school...he started last week. so i am the only one left with nothing to do...HA HA HA! yeah right!!