Monday, September 1, 2008


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS ALREADY SEPTEMBER!!! where did this summer go? well, now it's time to get ready for back to school! blaine will be starting pre-k on wednesday!

so, blaine has a new house chore...and he actually likes it! he asks me all the time "mom, can i vacuum?" i help him with the corners, but other then that he does it by himself. what a good helper...could a ask for a better boy?

...and yes, he even wanted to do the stairs! SCORE!!!
and no summer would be complete with out our "End of Summer Angel's Game!" it was a pretty good game and usually blaine loves going, but this time he only made it until the 4th inning, then he started asking EVERY 10 MINUTES "can we go home now?" he was a tired boy.

...watching the game on the big screen. we were pretty high up so it was hard for him to see.

of course...cotton candy!
what a nice night. let's do it again next year! :) Hope everyone had an awesome summer! have a great school year. Jake is also back in school...he started last week. so i am the only one left with nothing to do...HA HA HA! yeah right!!


Jake and Rachelle said...

I can't believe the summer is gone either! Kayden loves to vacuum. He can turn anything into a pretend vacuum. Aren't baseball games fun? That cotton candy sounds so good right now. Remember the Melapeuca picnic with cotton candy and ice cream? Ahh...good times.

Christy said...

Summer was fun but I am so glad school is back in full force.

Ryan and Laura said...

Hey Cindy-loo! I am coming to California tomorrow (Tues.) until Sunday. Let me know if you will be around. We'd love to see you if it works!

The Trotter Family said...

I'm thinking I should introduce Micah to the vacuum! He is usually pretty scared because mine is loud, but maybe if I put him in charge he might like it!