Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paper Airplane Contest

 We had 2 races this week!!  Pinewood Derby and a Paper Air Plane Contest!!  the Tuscon Air and Space Museum was having their annual paper air plane contest, so blaine entered!!  we all got in the museum free for the day, which was fun, then he got to compete, free lunch and snacks and a free t-shirt...which was pretty cool.  Ty still loves planes, so it was a great day!!
 he is blaine....registering his plane!
 Ty found the planes he could play in and was the happiest i have ever seen!
 our cousins...HUBERS...entered the contest too...we love playing with them.  Blaine and Aubrey were actually in the same racing heat.
 ty found a giant mm!!  true happiness.  i had to tell him he can NOT bite this mm!!  haha
the race was fun...unfortunately none of our kids went on the the next round, but that was fine with us because we were tired and wet (it was POURING RAIN) and ready to go home.  but we had a great time! good friends/family, airplanes, free food, and fun competition!  super fun!