Friday, January 11, 2013

Juice Detox

i wanted to wait until we were done with our juice detox before i posted about it.  NOW that it's officially done, it's time to report,(worried about skeptics!...i was one too once!)...

*****WARNING, LONG POST*******
it all started a couple weeks ago...i was sick in bed with a super bad migraine an "attention migraine" as jake calls it (TENSION migraine).  while laying in bed i was browsing Netflix, and i found an interesting documentary called "HUNGRY FOR CHANGE".  it was so so good.  if you are trying to lose weight or make life style changes i  highly recommend it.  during the movie i learned so much about the food we eat and how it effects our bodies and essentially how bad most stuff out there is.  anyway, i could go on forever about all the good stuff i learned, but one thing that interested me was the concept of "juicing".  after watching this movie, i decided to watch a "related interest" movie called "FAT, SICK, AND NEARLY DEAD"...again another really good movie and super inspiring.  after that i was committed...i was going to do a juice detox fast...and i was able to rope Jake into doing it with me.  10 days of NOTHING BUT JUICE!!!  3 times a day.  the main purpose for this was to "reset/reboot" our bodies....and to lose some weight of course.  we wanted to re train (or trick) our bodies into liking fruits and vegis more than other processed food.  

 i was able to borrow a good juicer from a friend of mine (thanks Tabatha)...i didn't want to run out and buy one incase we threw in the towel after a day....we went to costco....loaded up on produce....and we were on our way!

DAY 1- not too bad!  it think we were still just pumped and motivated for change.  we can do this!  it was exciting to try different combinations of fruits and vegis PLUS it was fun pushing them thru the juicer! a whole apple or orance, unpeeled!! cool
most of our drinks were either green or brown.  i would only put our drinks in a clear glass if it was a "pretty color".  if it was brown, or poo color, then we would have to drink it in a dark color cup!!
here is our pretty juicer and some yummy food!!

this is what most lunches and dinners looked like!!

DAYS 2-4 were kind of a was all kind of the same!  for the most part we liked our juices.  morning juice was mostly fruit....lunch was half and half fruit and vegis and then dinner was mostly vegis.  i used spinach in EVERYTHING!! it is awesome and you can't even taste it.  we weren't really ever tempted to "break"..sometimes at night it was hard making dinner for the kids and smelling it knowing that i couldn't have any, but i could handle it!  even (whole grain) Mac and Cheese smelled heavenly!

Day 5- was just fine until we realized that the next day would be fast sunday!! ummmm...would be be able to fast 2 meals while already "juice" fasting.  we decided that we would allow ourselves to have only ONE piece of wheat toast.  mmmmmm, it was sooooo good.  

Day 6- fast sunday!!!!!  let me tell you...sacrament bread has never tasted so good!  it was the best bread i had ever tasted!!! and it was walmart great value bread (gross)!  we managed to stay strong...and we broke our fast on juice!  wahoo.  aaannnnndddd, we allowed ourselves to have ONE piece of wheat again and again it was amazing!!  we needed some substance!
we think having fasted, it kind of messed up our motivation, cause it was hard to keep with the juice...but the pounds were coming off and we liked that!!

Day 7- Jake's first day back to work.  i got up extra early and juiced breakfast and lunch for him to take to work!  that's true love!  he stayed strong at work and i was good while it was just me and ty at home.  (Blaine started back to school that day too)

Day 8- we were's getting hard, but we did 8 days!  that's awesome! as Joe Cross would say "Good on us for trying!".. we should celebrate with a yummy dinner!!  yep, day 8 was our last day!  we decided that it was time to be done!  we were hungry for real food not to mention i was getting a little crabby!  

we had a gift card to BJs pizza...probably not the best thing to break a juice fast on, but we wanted it!! so we went out, but a funny thing happened...we both only ate 1 piece of pizza and had a couple bites of pizookie.  the pizza tasted weird and the cookie was wayyyy too sugary.  WHAT?!?! BJ's didn't taste good? that's one of our favorite places!!!  what is going on!!???  maybe this fast thing actually worked.  maybe our bodies wanted just the healthy stuff.  when we got home, i went straight to bed because my stomach hurt so much, and Jake woke up feeling pretty gross too.  the next morning i woke up and juiced!! that was what sounded good and what my body wanted.  
will be juice forever?!  NO....i had to give the juicer back!  but it was great and i would do it again sometime, probably for a shorter time period.  while we were doing our fast, we were also switching the food in our house to whole grains.  no more "white" or processed foods.  i don't want to be a hippie, granola girl, but i really like the difference in myself since the fast.  i've been having fun trying new recipes, and eating good healthy food.  ok, so i even made my own granola bars today too with organic stuff.  (i promise i'm not hippie granola girl!!!) 
OH, i never shared our results....we lost a combined 20LBS in 8 days!!!  Cindy-7 and jake-13!  we've managed to keep it off since starting back on solids! haha, now i look forward to making healthy living a new part of my life!  
this is a picture of some of the prettier drinks.  some of my favorite things to juice were, apples, cantaloupe, spinach, carrots, parsley, sweet potatoes, and pears...
we tried ginger root and it was NAAAAAASTY!!!!
Blaine was IN LOVE with fresh apple juice, pear juice and orange juice!  he wasn't into the vegi stuff!


Carli said...

This sounds awesome! Way to go guys! I don't think I could do one day and you guys did 8!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cind, I just watched fat sick and deadly the other day and i was going to try juicing this upcoming sunday. your info really help!

Keiko said...

WOW Cindy! Inspiring! I've been skeptical of juice detoxes but would love to try it just to see it.
Question...if we are juice detoxing, can we eat a fruit or veggie (raw, of course) just for the texture? Or does it all have to be juiced?
Might have to buy a juicer!

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