Sunday, March 24, 2013

ooohhhh MEXICO

we've had such an amazing spring break so far, and it's only half over!!!  we were so excited to be invited to our friends (the Allen's) condo in MEXICO!!!  i have been wanting to leave the country before i turn 30 and i can not think of a better way to check this off my bucket list!  we had such a great time with such great friends!  thanks again! we had a BLAST!!!
 cute kids on the car ride down!!
 beautiful beaches...not quiet like california (no waves) but still so so nice!

 the kids LOVED collecting shells...they put on a "shell show" which had more than 380 shells!

 and the kids would also put on shows for us every night!  dancing, comedy...
 Mexican sunset

 Blaine's souvenir
 the pool had a swim up bar with super yummy drinks!  virgin of course!
 cute little Sydney and Ty
 the girls hanging out poolside! (Kristen, me and Sarah)
 The moms an kids all headed down Wednesday and the hubbys came down early friday morning!  it was great to spend some time with them as well!!  Jake and i also had a new years resolution to go on a "non family visiting vacation"!...CHECK!  (we love our families of course, we had just NEVER been on a vacation that was not visiting family!)

and even though we were nervous to cross the boarder withOUT passports, we made it back into the states safe and sound!  it was such a fun trip!  i miss it already!  ADIOS!